Andy Murary with Kim Sears

They have been together since 2006, she lives in his home and can be seen loyally cheering him from the stands at almost every big match.

But Andy Murray has said he is not yet ready to marry girlfriend Kim Sears, no matter how hard she tries to convince him.

The Scots tennis star – who recently hit the headlines over his new close-cropped haircut – may find himself in trouble at home after giving a jokey interview with David Frost in which he let slip that Miss Sears is ‘pushing’ for marriage.

The world number four spoke warmly of his pretty blonde girlfriend and his settled and happy life with her.

But any plus points he might have earned were demolished after the journalist asked: ‘You’re not secretly married are you?’

Laughing, the 24-year-old replied: ‘No, not yet. No matter how much she is pushing me. I haven’t fallen for it yet.’


The interview, for Al Jazeera TV, saw the normally dour player open up about his relationship with 23-year-old Miss Sears, an English literature graduate.

The pair share a £5million, six-bedroom home in Oxshott, Surrey, and she has been by his side for most of his career, despite a temporary split in 2009.

Though Andy Murray may not be ready to walk down the aisle yet, he has been best man for his brother, doubles champion Jamie.

The 26-year-old married his Colombian girlfriend Alejandra Gutierrez at luxurious Cromlix House Hotel in Dunblane, Perthshire, in October 2010.



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