novack djokovic with jelena ristic

Jelena Ristic (born June 17, 1986) is a girlfriend of current number-one ranked tennis player in the world, these days almost unbeatable Serbian player Novak Djokovic. Jelena was born in Beograd, capital city of Serbia. She was always sport type of girl, training athletics and tennis from early age. After Drinka Pavlovic grade school she went to Sport High School where she first met Novak Djokovic. Her mother Vera Ristic said that it was love at first sight and that tennis was reason why those two grew so quickly close together.She was one year older than him and already one of the most beautiful girls in Beograd. Unlike Novak she didn’t pursue her career in sport, after high school she went to prestigious Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. Her studies in foreign country and his ATP World Touraround the world didn’t stopped this couple to be constantly together.

She was with him on every important match he played in his career.
Saying that behind every great man there is an even greater woman is not far behind it their case.

Novak said that she is his biggest support in life, his driving force and that she makes him calm and stable. She was with him when he was no one, kid that was playing tennis in empty pool all day because he was too scared to come outside when his city was bombarded by NATO forces.


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